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Hello friends!

It's been quite rare when I logged in to this board, and honestly I rarely watch classic animation as frequently as in the good old TTTP days.

Somehow this cartoon always went under my radar, possibly because I never really cared about the Goofy Gophers. Not even when Jerry Beck rated it as one of the 100 greatest Loooney Tunes in his book. Nowadays I've rewatched the cartoon multiple times, and it's really amazing. Doesn't matter if it was a Davis cartoon or a McKimson cartoon, it's just a highbrow slapstick comedy from start to end. Not only the opening scene was phenomenal, but all the shakespearean lines used for a slapstick element was pitch perfect. The best scenes were the"lend me your ears", "rose by any other name would smell as sweet" and "kingdom for a horse".

While Two Gophers from Texas has its moments as well, it's less of a polished cartoon in my opinion, and rely to much on the learn by the book trope which had been overplayed in animation by that time.

I think this cartoon deserves to be rated as one of the top classics of WB animation, and this thread is just an appreciation thread.

(Sorry for not opening this on the CDOTW board, but that seems to be dead by now.)
I prefer 'Two Gophers From Texas' for the really fun animation by Emery Hawkins and Bill Melendez. Hawkins goes nuts in that one. The only thing that sucks is the title; it's a real stretch.

I agree that 'A Ham in a Role' has a great opening with the phoney title card.

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