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Steve Stanchfield wrote:

We have a new special sets listed: 1951 Animated Feature-from a 35mm Technicolor print, for pre-order for a limited time.

The late 80s Live Action/ Animation feature is now listed for a limited time- available at the Thunderbean shop.

I think there's a sufficient amount of Rabbits in recent times here!

This and 1973 are shipping starting this week, and joined by one of two others if we can manage. We hope to send up to 12 sets out this month.

I'll have to think about which I'd like.

By the way, I don't mean to complain, but I sent a PayPal payment to you for the "1937 feature" BD nearly two years ago, and I still haven't gotten it.
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Pre-orders of the 1937 feature disc were shipped about a month ago, so I recommend registering an account on the Thunderbean Shop if you haven't already (and it's worth having anyway), and submitting a support ticket using the "Submit Ticket" link at the top of the site. Steve's close collaborator David Grauman runs the shop and (as I understand it) handles a lot of the order/shipping-related duties these days, and will help you out. (And yes, the shop's ticket system does apply to old orders made directly via PayPal as well.) I'll also mention that judging from my experience, he's much more reliable at responding to order-related issues and following through with replacement shipments where needed than Steve was in the old days when one had to communicate with him directly, and tracking numbers are even provided.

P.S.: I'm not affiliated with Thunderbean, but post about these sets to help keep fellow IADers in the loop and maintain them as a topic of discussion.
PopKorn Kat
I can vouch for the ticket system working. A month or so back, I filed a ticket for a poorly mastered Private Snafu: Golden Classics Blu-Ray, and David swiftly replied, sending out a new one.