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Disney just announced in their official Twitter that they'll finally release Song Of The South officially on DVD and blu-ray, in a special 2-disc edition celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the film!!!The special edition will include a 50-page booklet with contextualization. A special 60-minute documentary paying homage to James Baskett is one of the most anticipated bonus features of the set. Also included are vintage art cards of the movie poster, scenes and characters.A special 3-disc 80th Anniversary edition of Fantasia has been announced as well. The audio has been painstakingly restored to best resemble the Fantasound experience, and Deems Taylor's voice has been recovered. The extra discs will contain extensive original artwork galleries, documentaries and all the material from the aborted Fantasia sequel, including a newly restored version of Clair de Lune segment.

Bob Chapek (CEO of the Walt Disney Company) declared in a video conference interview to Cartoon Research: "I know, we sucked at preserving Walt Disney Studio's legacy. We've become lazy, effortlessly rehashing old ideas in mediocre live-action remakes to make tons of easy money. I admit. The classic film releases are long overdue.(...)You're asking me about Fantasia: it's going to be uncensored. No, not like the misleading 2000 DVD tagline! Really uncensored! (...) We will re-release the Walt Disney Treasures series on blu-ray, revised, extended and improved. We're revising the restoration of the classic shorts, to reinstate original title cards from best elements when available and adjust the DNR to more moderate levels, giving a more natural look to the restored shorts, preserving film grain. There were some problems in the restorations done for the DVDs and their encodings, namely registration issues, missing parts of The Castaway, jagged lines in More Silly Symphonies, unrestored transfers in Chronological Donald, and so son; we are painstakingly revising everything. We are restoring the original audio of Three Little Pigs from the best elements, too. (...) a 2-movie collection with Make Mine Music and Melody Time is coming soon."

Regarding racial-insensitive and other controversial content, Chapek stated: "We enforce that these sets aren't aimed at children, therefore we won't distribute them to physical retail, but exclusively through Disney Movie Club instead. The releases are aimed at adult collectors and animation enthusiasts. Some of the content isn't acceptable by today's values, but we chose not to erase History. We acknowledge the errors of the past. In this preservation effort, we are ensuring that such past prejudices won't be forgotten, so that we make sure we don't repeat them in the present."

More details and full video: https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/bob-chapek-special-announcement-and-interview/ 
I always come to TTTP in Exile in the hope of finding news about Warner announcing Tex Avery Collection.
It's still March 30th here.

Also, if this was actual news, Jerry would've posted it on "Animation Scoop", NOT 'Cartoon Research".
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Originally Posted by: nickramer 

It's still March 30th here.

Also, if this was actual news, Jerry would've posted it on "Animation Scoop", NOT 'Cartoon Research".

It's impossible for every poster to take into account every timezone in the world.