This is a partial list of various stock library tunes heard in TV and rental library versions of various silent-era cartoons. I've thrown in numerous commercially-released music tracks thrown in on the prints of some silent 'toons as well. Non-library tracks are marked with an asterisk. I would include the Sharples cues in this, but we don't know their names, unfortunately.

NOTE: For a track to be on the list, it has to be included in the print itself, not included there for a video release or something. So the old 78s used as background for a few cartoons released on the Cartoon Roots series don't count, as an example.

Astra TV/Cinepix:
Always Busy - Tony Tamburello (Chappell) (Heard in "A Fireman's Life"/"Hook and Ladder Hokum")

Bray Studios:
Copenhagen - Ambrose and His Orchestra* (heard in "Bobby Bumps' Pup Gets the Flea-enza")

Commonwealth (all from Major Records/Thomas J. Valentino):
A Night Out - Roger Roger
Aggression - Roger Roger
Ballerina Petite - Roger Roger
Bees and Bumbles - Roger Roger
Cafe Musette Waltz - Roger Roger
Clown's Frolic - Roger Roger
Coquette Waltz - Roger Roger
Dance of the Elfins- Roger Roger
Follies Number - George Chase
Hot Time - arr. George Chase (BMG Music website attributes this to "Joanne Rosen")
Komic Kapers - Roger Roger
Love's Caprice - Roger Roger
Mademoselle Rendezvous - Roger Roger
Mayfair Walk - Roger Roger
Our Industrial World - Roger Roger
Peasant Dance - Roger Roger
Pizzicola - George Chase
Promenade - George Chase
Rue de la Paix - Roger Roger
Thoroughfare - Roger Roger
Tipsy Mocking Bird - Roger Roger
Whimsical Tale - Roger Roger
World of Sports - Roger Roger

Guaranteed Pictures/Stuart Productions:
Galloping Hooves - Richard Howgill (Boosey and Hawkes) (Heard in "Gold Push")

Various rental library prints of old silent cartoons, unknown distributor.:
Dancing Shadows - Paul Whiteman* (Heard in silent print of "Felix Woos Whoopee", as well as at least one circulating copy of "Ko-Ko's Earth Control")
Fond of You - Harry Reser's Syncopaters (Heard in a circulating print of Emil Cohl's "The Hasher's Delirium", plus in some copies of the Laugh-o-Gram "Little Red Riding Hood" and the stop-motion film "Frogland")
Laura Jean - Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra* (heard in dupe print of "Alice's Tin Pony", distributor unknown)
Mercy Percy - Ray Miller and His Orchestra* (Heard in rental library print of the Unnatural History cartoon "The Tale of the Monkey")
Spanish Shawl - Edwin J. MacNelly and His Orchestra* ('')
Voices of Spring - Ronnie Munro and His Orchestra* (Heard in a print of the Unnatural History cartoon "The Leopard's Spots")

NOTE: I have heard the following tunes in a few prints of old silent 'toons, but I dunno if they were added for a home video release or whatnot:
Down on the Banks of the Old Yazoo - The Victor Orchestra (heard in at least one print of "Alice the Toreador")
Lucky Day - George Olsen and His Music (Heard in some copies of the Laugh-o-Gram "The Four Musicians of Bremen")
Stumbling - Bernie Krueger and His Orchestra (ditto)
That's All There Is - Coon Sanders and His Nighthawks (heard in at least one print of "Alice the Toreador")
The Rhythm Rag - Paul Whiteman (Heard in some copies of the Laugh-o-Gram "The Four Musicians of Bremen")

"With all respect to the great mousetrap."- Popeye, "The Spinach Overture" (1935)