Steve Stanchfield
There are now 5 people working at Thunderbean including myself, and we're cranking through cleanup between the staff and the freelancers.

Here's the current status of the official and special disc sets that are currently on the plate. As each one gets done others go into full progress:

1967 Animated Feature is done and getting duplicated

Toon Club is now finished and will start to duplicate

Terry/Lantz/ Famous is two 35mm Nitrate Little Lulus from being finished

Grotesqueries is nearly ready to replicate.

Popeye in Technicolor has last films on their way here to scan this week if here soon enough

Cartoon Commercials 2 is getting some more scans next week, and Bury me an Angel is going into final cleanup as well.

All Censored is a few more films away from being done

1973 Animated Feature getting scanned early next week if all works out.

Rainbow Parades is getting a few upgrades this week and in great progress

Noveltoons is waiting for one more film to be finished. Working on Bonus features

Flip the Frog looks astonishing, and final films and bonus features are being worked on for Volume 1.

Stop Motion Marvels 1&2 just had more films scanned.

Thunderbean Thursday 2019 is almost done as well.

Our big goal is to have all the special sets (including the newest) done by August as well as some of the Official sets, including Rainbow, Flip, Grotesqueries and more).
Are you sure you didn't mean Thunderbean Thursday 2018, not 2019?

Also, any update on the Tom & Jerry blu?
Hi Steve,

It looks like your private message box is full so I wasn't able to message you directly, but I still haven't received anything from my order of special discs from Aug 2017 and I wanted to see what the status was on that one. I also ordered the all censored but it sounds like that one hasn't gone out yet so no worries on that. :)

Ed Golick
What's the status of "Technicolor Dreams and Black & White Nightmares" Volume
Hello Steve. What is the status about the 1937 feature special set  ? Any news from this ? I did sent a payment and never got a confirmation that if it was received or not.

Thanks to answer