Announcing, Charlie the Cheeseboy DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack

Steve was busy scanning [flip] so he emailed me about this wonderful new set that will be on Blu-ray.

Before there was Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, the American dairies were hiring apparently newcomer Smicks Satchway. His creation was boy who loved cheese so they commisned 12 cartoons from the 30s, and happily, they all survive in pristine condition, thanks to a collector in Mikado, Michigan.However, they were sold to different companies and dairy boards, including Kraft and National Dairy Council, so expect different titles. One of the cartoons was in 3-strip IB Technicolor after Disney's contract expired with Technicolor.

Bonus material: Various promotional material that featured the Charlie the Cheeseboy character and rough production art, and the cartoon "Goofy Goat Antics" in it's original 2-color Technicolor.

Honor the late great Smicks Satchway here by pre-ordering this set- the set is $14 plus $2 shipping in the States, $7 for the rest of the world.

Paypal is

UPDATE 4/2 This is all a fake set and is an April Fools prank. There is no "Charlie the Cheeseboy", I got the idea from Power of Cheese and other generic Cheese commercials of the past, as well as my love for Kraft. I also got the idea from the production background of Out of the Milk Bottle/Skinny and Husky in Coney Island. (Listen to the commentary and liner notes on Cultoons Vol 2.)

I also got the idea to test the sanity of users who will buy everything from Thunderbean and not save their money for bigger projects like the Paramount-licsenced projects, plus the exhaustive workload that Jerry Beck announced from Stu's Show. (I know you're trying to earn enough for a transfer or whatever the suits want money-wise for Mr. Bug).

But if you like to buy Thunderbean sets, go ahead and support them. But please don't buy Charlie the Cheeseboy, it's fake. And Steve is still trying to find a Tech/Cinecolor nitrate print of "Goofy Goat", so don't buy a fake Blu-ray like this one. It consumes Steve's time to refund all of the money.
I forgot one more thing, oh what's that? Oh yeah!