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Only asking this question because I am planning at some point to go on a quest to collect many surviving and public domain footage of the older Fables.

Has anyone ever attempted to accurately document a filmography of the Paul Terry Fables and the ones after he left? According to bare memory, there was at least 380+ pre-1930 Fables which might make them more hard to document due to the huge amount of cartoons. Many of the filmographies online that do try to document the Fables are inaccurate and come from a source who listed a few retitled Commonwealth cartoons under year 1920, which wouldn't make sense.

The BCDB filmography of the Fables is a curiosity to me, because it comes from a seperate, more faithful source. However, it is questionable as it starts at "Cats At Law", yet a source at Wikipedia says that the Fables started with "The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs".
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First, believe me when I say I make no claim as to the validity of any of the sources I provide.

Leonard Maltin's made a list in Of Mice and Magic, though he only lists the sound entries. Jeff Lenburg made a list in his The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons, though I only have the first (1991) and second (1999) editions. Then again, given all the errors he's made in the past (type "site:goldenagecartoons.com lenburg" into Google), I'd take Lenburg's list with more than one grain of salt.
Someone like Tommy Stathes would know.
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