Well, I'm through watching all the Alice Comedies available through the Netherlands Film Museum!

As a whole, judging from these, the series is more interesting than entertaining; there's also some neat animation on occasion, and most of the time even the rather primitive animation moves fluidly (for 18 fps, I must add). The early shorts are mostly entertaining because of the extensive live-action (especially "Alice and the Dog Catcher"), though the animated segments in them can be quite worthwhile at times.

In the coming days I should have reviews of "Alice Helps the Romance", "Alice's Brown Derby", and "Alice in the Big League", using notes I took throughout the cartoons; these (along with "Alice at the Rodeo", which I have talked about a bit above) are the ones in the Netherlands Film Museum batch that have not been reviewed in the IAD itself. I can state with certainty right now that I like "Alice Helps the Romance" the most out of those three...
My review of "Alice Helps the Romance" is up! (It's not linked on the main page; is the comments feed broken?) 
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Thanks Toadette. I'm looking forward to watching these myself. A few years later, Mickey would go through some similar routines in the comics in the classic 'Egg Robber' story. Like Julius and the tall cat in the strip, Mickey comes up against Mr Slicker, a tall mouse rival for Minnie's affections, and attempts suicide several times. The suicide stuff might have stopped, but similar ideas would pop up yet again with Mickey's later rival Mortimer.

I'm glad you liked 'Alice Helps the Romance'. With so many Alice shorts still lost, I can't help but wonder if there were other stand out shorts.
So how many of these shorts are still lost?
See this  list; the only things wrong with it are that "Alice at the Rodeo" (as proven by what's been happening in this thread) is not missing and a fragment of "Alice's Auto Race" does survive (again, see earlier in this thread).

Unfortunately, a coding error on the page for "Alice in the Big League" is preventing me from submitting my comments on that page, so I'm going to post my review here:

UPDATE: It turns out that the review was just too long for publication, so on eutychus's advice, I've shortened it's now up on the IAD page for "Alice and the Big League": 
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Thanks for the reviews, Toadette. I'd want to see more of the late Alice cartoons to say that Walt and the team didn't care about them any more though. I think 'Alice the Whaler' is a nice late entry in the series and all the all the other really late entries in the series are still lost. It does seem though that the animators may have used this final entry to experiment for Oswald.

Just to put the info in one place, I think 17 Alice Comedies are still missing (though I really hope there are researchers may know more than me).

Alice Charms the Fish
Alice's Monkey Business
Alice Cuts the Ice
Alice the Lumberjack
Alice the Golf Bug
Alice Foils the Pirates
Alice at the Carnival
Alice the Collegiate
Alice in the Alps
Alice's Auto Race (fragment survives)
Alice's Knaughty Knight
Alice's Three Bad Eggs
Alice's Picnic
Alice's Channel Swim
Alice in the Klondike
Alice's Medicine Show
Alice the Beach Nut

In addition to this I'm not sure if a complete version of 'Alice Hunting in Africa' survives. This very early entry in the series originally had a live action prologue and was produced entirely by Walt and Roy Disney. I believe that before it was accepted for release it was edited and some scenes were reanimated.

As far as I'm aware, the pilot for the series "Alice's Wonderland" is not known to survive complete with it's original ending. Note that the version on the Disney Rarities DVD has a reconstructed ending – reusing scenes from earlier in the film so that we see Alice awaken from her dream.

I believe that a non-edited version of "Alice Solves the Puzzle" does exist, but I don't know for sure (certainly the edited reissue is more common).

Alice's Spanish Guitar survives, as we've talked about here, but it seems a hard one of view!
Has anyone had any success getting access to copies of Alice Comedies from Lobster Films (from the US)? Unless I'm mistaken, it looks like they may have the only potentially accessible copy of Alice Plays Cupid... 

Lobster Films 
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I'm not spamming... I am just trying to be helpful...
Has anybody considered the database... I've been able to find a lot of things there...

The most relevant to this topic are:

Walt Disney - 1926 - Alice on the Farm

Alice's Wonderland
by Laugh-O-Gram Films 


Many More: 

Alice Comedies:
Alice in Cartoonland (1923-1927)
by Walt Disney 

which has about 27 of these clips...


Bill Sprague's excellent collection:

Alice’s Auto Race,Only Surviving Footage - 1927 
[ titles in Dutch - or Swedish ]

Alice Gets Stage Struck 
[ actual sound and dialogue in this one ] 
[ sound in this one... AND. definitely some Hal Roach actors ] 

Happy Hunting!

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A very, very old thread. Apologies for such an update, but ALICE SOLVES THE PUZZLE is available online from a stock footage house, from an original nitrate print . The drinking action is indeed in it. I should note this stock footage owner charges insane rates for their prints by the second, no exceptions, so nobody is gonna see this being remastered, least from this print, for a long while (the nitrates are now at LOC and become free use, I think, in 20 years)
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I believe only as long as the images suggest

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I saw a couple of those images from Alice the Golf Bug and Alice's Three Bad Eggs pop up on pinterest pages and it's fascinating to see them here. But for me it only raises more questions. It's not clear if the whole reels survive or just a few frames and I wonder where the prints (or frames) are held. There doesn't seem to be a way to contact the blog's creator (as far as I can see).

The posts are from 2014 and 2015 which is a while ago and it would appear the blog is still going. ...Does anyone here know any more about these two films and if they've been found?