Bob Joins a Gang
Studio: Aardman Release Date : December 9, 2001 Series: Rex the Runt
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Rex the Runt
(Voice: Colin Rote)
Bad Bob
(Voice: Andy Jeffers)
(Voice: Elisabeth Hadley)
(Voice: Steve Box)


Rex the Runt (Season 2, Episode 12)

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Original Language: English

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From Ethanimation21 :

In this homage to Rebel Without a Cause Bob joins a gang of delinquent youths. He takes to wearing a single glove and one of Wendy's earrings. Wendy, Rex and Vince are worried by the change in Bob's character. When he gets arrested they hope he will see the error of his ways, but it only makes a life of delinquency seem more glamorous to him.
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