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Titles - Alphabetical Index - A
A Barrel Full of Trouble
       (Wild Canary Animation - Sheriff Callie's Wild West)
A Child's Guide to Surviving in the Wild
       (Nickelodeon - Harvey Beaks)
A Christmas Peril
       (Disney Television Animation - Milo Murphy's Law)
A Delicate Line
       (Kyoto Animation - Lucky Star)
A Fridge Too Far
       (Nickelodeon - The Loud House)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Monsterschool
       (Brown Bag Films)
A Grim Retreat
       (DreamWorks Animation Television - DreamWorks Dragons)
A Growing Problem
       (Wild Canary Animation)
A Gruff Separation
       (DreamWorks Animation Television)
A is for Angry
       (Cookie Jar - Arthur)
A is for Atom
       (John Sutherland Productions)
A is for Average
       (Disney Television Animation - Pepper Ann)
A New Bergen-ing
       (DreamWorks Animation Television - Trolls: The Beat Goes On!)
A New Life
       (Cartoon Network Studios - Apple & Onion)
A Pup in Sheep's Clothing
       (Guru Studio - PAW Patrol)
A Question of Motivation
       (Kyoto Animation - Lucky Star)
A Spy in the Palace
       (Disney Television Animation - Elena of Avalor)
A Tale of Two Turbos
       (DreamWorks Animation Television - Turbo FAST)
A Time to Skrill
       (DreamWorks Animation Television - DreamWorks Dragons)
A Tiny Problem
A Wolf Calls a Wolf
       (TMS Entertainment - Lupin III)
A-Firefighting We Will Go
       (Judgmental Films - King of the Hill)
       (Nelvana - Beetlejuice)
A-Haunting We Will Go
       (Warner Brothers - Looney Tunes)
A-Haunting We Will Go
       (Paramount / Famous Studios - Noveltoon)