Comments by Justin Delbert

Welcome to Doozy

I just saw this for the first time, and this NEEDS to be a series. I believe the future of this kind of stuff is streaming. Very unique in it's own way.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

OK, I guess it's time to come out of the closet; I like this movie/series. I like this BETTER than Friendship is Magic. Yes, it was a corporate decision, and it received some backlash saying, "OMG, they sexualized the ponies, how dare they do this!!!" However, the truth is that this is to be set up as a different series. While retaining the same names, personalities, colors, and voices, these are NOT THE SAME CHARACTERS AS IN FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC! The only one the same is Twilight Sparkle, who came across to the human world to get her crown back. Eventually, a different version of Twilight Sparkle (who fans call, Sy-Twi) would appear in the series while Princess Twilight Sparkle stayed behind in Ponyville. The crew that worked on Friendship is Magic are also staffed on here. Yes they did have to appeal to girls, yes they had to appeal to Hasbro, but other than that, they were given the same creative freedom to do whatever they wanted. This became more apparent later on in the series. It's not a masterpiece, but it is a fun enjoyable little film, and if you like it, 3 more movies, 4 specials, plus tons of shorts follow.

My Old Kentucky Home

There were two versions of this cartoon. One has the ending with the lady on a train, while the other (which I don't condone but it's history) is the lady with a black person pulling the wagon using a watermelon. And it's also claimed to be the first sound cartoon pre-dating Disney a couple of years (though the Ko-Ko Song Cartoons were never widespread under Red Seal Productions).