Oddity on Public Domain VHS - Forum.
When I was little, I had a Looney Tunes VHS that mostly consisted of two black and white Looney Tunes, two Merrie Melodies, and one other color Looney Tune. One of the shorts on the VHS was the little-known 1937 short I Wanna Be A Sailor.

This is an oddity because whereas the other Merrie Melodie in the compilation, The Fifth-Column Mouse, was the "Blue Ribbon" print you'd might expect in one of these, the print of Sailor in the comp--if my memory isn't faulty--was the original 1937 one.

I'd be quite peeved if my memory's faulty too, because I watched this VHS a lot. The Merrie Melodies logo had the orange sunburst rings, and Paul Smith and Irv Spence were the credited animators. An extremely jaunty version of "The Captain's Kid", the song in the picture, played over the title card.