Jerry Beck on Stu's Show - 8/5/20 - Forum.
Well it's the summer visit from the King of All Things Cartoons himself, and here's the description:

"Jerry's back for his usual summer visit, and although we won't have a lot to talk about regarding the latest in feature animation releases due to COVID-19, there is still plenty to discuss in the wonderful world of streaming. In fact, we WILL chat about what features, both current and classic are indeed available for you to watch online. We'll also review some of the new Looney Tunes cartoons available via HBO Max, plus mention the newest books available, and give you the latest news in home video, including Thunderbean's new Popeye Blu Ray. In addition, Jerry will screen three classic cartoons from his own archives and we'll read your e-mails!" 
Ian L.
Will Jerry be in-studio or are they doing it via Zoom like everything these days?
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