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Jason Todd
Originally Posted by: LaughingBoy 

Yeah, again, take all my technical observation with a pitcher of salt, as I was just judging from my eyes on a laptop.

A few more of the restored titles confirmed include:

Hold the Lion, Please
Hot-Crossed Bunny
Fair Haired Hare
Robot Rabbit

If such is possible, would you mind posting some screenshots of these new restorations? I’d love to see how they turned out.
Justin Delbert
Robot Rabbit at one point was restored in the late 90's for a long defunct video format that never made it to the states called VCD. Unless they made a new HD restoration, it's been restored for quite some time.

Yeah guys I think there is some sort of Bugs Bunny Blu-ray in the works. Not a complete series....that's too hard to clear right now, but if it's like 75% of the shorts (not all Bugs Bunny cartoons are good, I'm looking at you Pre-Hysterical Hare and Hare Breath Hurry), I think we're getting something special.
Even that would be a step up from what this probably is; a one-disc hodgepodge of random shows a la the Tex Avery disc.

Thad indicated that the Famous Popeyes were the first Warner-owned shorts to be scanned in 4K ("all done in the new 4K workflow that no other Warner-owned animation has experienced" ), and the Tex Avery shorts and presumably these new Bugs shorts were done the same way. Are the already-restored shorts going to be stuck with sub-4K transfers forever?